This page is where brutal honesty meets the journey to what many feel is "impossible" healing. It dives into a lifetime of trauma in order to dissect every coping mechanism, survival tactic, and character trait in order to learn who I am and who I can really be. If you are easily offended, choose somewhere else to read. If you are looking for a place of understanding and kindness in your own journey, I am your people. 

You have mentioned Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), what is that and how is it different from PTSD?

C-PTSD is the repetitive exposure to trauma over a longer period of time(months/years). This can include childhood abuse or neglect, relationships with domestic abuse, survivors of human trafficking, prisoners of war, even deaths of loved ones following a long illness. Versus typical PTSD occurs after a singular traumatic event such as a car accident, a tornado, a sexual or physical attack. 

The effects of both are fairly similar; hypervigilance, nightmares, anxiety, but with C-PTSD it can go much deeper. You can experience issues with self-esteem, emotional dysfunction, relationship problems like constant distrust or feelings of revenge. C-PTSD can echo through your life in many ways, each person can be different depending on their experiences. 

You haven't personally responded right away, why not?

Because of the nature of communicating intimately with those who have encountered trauma, as well as having encountered it myself, sometimes you may receive this notice: 

"Your voice matters. Your story matters. I care about your pain - both past and present. However, in order to give the time and attention to you that you absolutely deserve, I must first give that to myself. I will respond once I have recharged.

In the event of an emergency, please contact your local crisis center or call 911.
I will gladly help when your safety has been ensured."

Can you help me find trauma resources?


Send me a message with what type of help you are wanting/needing and where you are located, and I will get to work finding local resources in your area to send your way. Everyone needs help sometimes! There is NO shame in asking for help or in accepting help. My mantra every day is that asking for help is not a weakness, it's a strength!